Jungian Links
A collection of links to Jungian organizations, information and other resources for the study of depth psychology and mythology.

Carl G. JungC. G. Jung Page
One of the most comprehensive websites on Jung, but membership is required to access the full site.

C. G. Jung
From the Proceedings of the Friesian Society website. A discussion of the influence of Kant and Schopenhauer on Jung's ideas.

Personality Theories: Carl Jung
Informative overview by Dr. C. George Boeree, Shippensburg University

Alchemy Website
A massive collection of alchemical information from Scottish academic, Adam McLean. Jung had a life-long interest in alchemy, and devoted much of his later adult life to studying alchemical works.

Foudation for Mythological Studies
“By providing a sense of place for mythologists and depth psychologists, we hope to build community that utilizes the revolving abundance of talent and knowledge to further our studies and expand our ideas about mythology and archetypal psychology.”

The Gnostic Society Library
"The Gnostic Society Library contains a vast collection of primary documents relating to the Gnostic tradition as well as a selection of in-depth audio lectures and brief archive notes designed to orient study of the documents, their sources, and the religious tradition they represent." Jung was deeply interested in Gnosticism and one of the codices discovered in Nag Hammadi (Egypt) in 1945 was named in honor of him.

Joseph Campbell Foundation
The foundation seeks to preserve and promote Campbell's pioneering spiritual, religous and mythic studies.

Pacifica Graduate Institute
Premier institute offering degrees in Mtythological Studies. The institute also houses the Joseph Campbell and Marija Gimbutas Library.

Encyclopedia Mythica
"[T]he award-winning internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion. Here you will find everything from A-gskw to Zveda Vechanyaya, with plenty in between."

The Mystica
A small online encyclopedia that seeks "to objectively describe past and present ideas, concepts, beliefs, and practices in the worlds of the occult, mysticism and paranormal."

Sister-site of the Mystica "containing subjects of mythology and folklore."

Myth*ing Links
"An annotated & illustrated collection of worldwide links to mythologies, fairy tales & folklore, sacred arts & sacred traditions" by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D., retired faculty member in the Mythological Studies Department at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Spring Journal
“The oldest Jungian psychology journal in the world. Published twice a year, each Spring Journal is organized around a theme and offers articles and book reviews in the areas of archetypal psychology, mythology, and Jungian psychology. ”

Other Jungian Institutes and Links

C. G. Jung Institute of Boston
"Our mission and task is to understand the human psyche through the psychological theories and therapeutic methods pioneered by Carl Gustav Jung."

C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
"We are dedicated to the task of learning and teaching a view of life so well articulated by Carl Jung"

C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco
"The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco was founded to advance a viewpoint vital to the conscious, ethical practice and utilization of analytical psychology and to disseminate knowledge central to that end."

Collected Works of C. G. Jung
"The first collected edition, in English translation, of the writings of the late Swiss psychologist." You may order volumes individually or in toto (the entire set currently sells for $1200.00 US).

Search the Collected Works of C. G. JungC. G. Jung
"This database contains cataloging for all of the individual titles contained in Jung's Collected Works, volumes 1-18, and includes the detailed abstracts published by the National Institute of Mental Health in 1978."

Philemon Foundation
"Philemon Foundation intends to make the completed body of C. G. Jung's work available as volumes in the Philemon series. As such, the Philemon Foundation is the successor to the Bollingen Foundation that originally made possible the publication of Jung's Collected Works, cornerstone of their Bollingen series." The Philemon Foundation's work is supported by Jung's heirs, and will provide an additional 30 volumes of previously unpublished material to the original 20 volumes of the Bollingen series over the next 30 years. Philemon was Jung's spiritul guide--his "wise old man." See his autobiography Memories, Dreams, Reflections for more information on this figure.


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